Sunday, July 8, 2007

Planning for Regime Change

OK, I think is is starting to be time to start talking about how to make impeachment and conviction or resignation palatable to the rethugs. For all my rants I know we can not force regime change before the election without them. I think the pressure their districts and states will eventually have them looking for a way out as they will recognize that they are headed for defeat in 2008 and it is just a matter of cutting their losses. So what will be required? I think these are the sort of terms we need to think about.

1) Cheney resigns or is impeached. This has to be the first thing to happen of course.

2) A VP replacement that is acceptable to both parties needs to be put in place. Powell might be a name to float here. He would not be a big threat in 2008, he really does have a modicum of integrity and common sense, and he does not have too many enemies in the Senate. He may be willing to promise no pardons and if he does he may keep the promise.

3) Bush must then be impeached and convicted.

4) Gonzo has to go. Powell could then fire him or he could be impeached. I prefer impeachment since there is a good case to be made that he could not then be pardoned for succeeding criminal conviction.

5) Rice needs to be impeached.

6) A new AG needs to be appointed who will pursue criminal charges against all of the above and others. It may be that this can wait until after 2009 when there is a Dem admin to prosecute.

7) It may actually make sense to offer to send the members to BushCo to The Hague since they don’t have a death penalty the war criminal may want the deal.

There are lots of other possible road maps but we need to start drawing one now or we won't get there.

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