Sunday, July 15, 2007

Keeping busy

With the tremendous sense of urgency we all feel about moving impeachment forward, the slow progress we are seeing can be very discouraging. Felling helpless and powerless is not unusual. But the truth is we are neither helpless nor powerless. Our voices will be heard as long as we continue to raise them. Here are some practical steps we can follow:

There are several ways you can have an impact but realize that these will all take time. So what ever you do, keep doing it. The fact that people don’t stop calling and emailing is in itself important.

The most important thing is to keep up the volume on as many fronts as possible. These include:

Letters/email/phone calls to:

  • Newspapers, and other MSM
  • Congresscritters. Esp all of those on key committees, even if they are not from your district.
  • Your local state reps and senators. The rules that the House uses make resolutions from state legislators on this issue ver important and they can not be ignored.
  • Your friends and neighbors.

Put up signs, wear T-shirts, send people links to the Moyer’s piece.

Stay active, vocal and informed, praise the lord and pass the information.

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